HP Vertica

Thorium team members bring experience designing, building and operating Vertica in high performance applications for automotive distributors, chemical manufacturing, digital marketing, investment banks, and retail banks.

We are differentiated through:

  • Deep expertise with several of our people bringing over three years’ experience implementing sophisticated data science applications with Vertica.
  • Practical design expertise integrating Vertica with Hadoop, Oracle, and SQL Server based on the team’s experience with over twenty years of creating and operating mission critical capital markets trading and risk management, military, and telecommunications applications.
  • Sophisticated data science development to ensure data quality and integration, and select and implement appropriate algorithms and machine learning techniques to deliver business results.
  • Rigorous program management to align stakeholders, develop strong financial business cases, and deliver for results in complex organizations in highly regulated industries.

Services include:

  • Design and implementation, including integration with Hadoop and Spark.
  • Performance optimization including ETL and front ends.
  • Remote management and maintenance.
  • Developing front ends portals, dashboards, and reports including with Qlik.
  • Training classes, and building clients’ internal capabilities by transferring skills.
HP Vertica