Sales Data Science

Sales leadership has changed. Instead of growing sales by adding heads and assigning quotas, managers are expected to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Enterprise technology continues to evolve from ERP in the 90s, CRM in 00s, and now into digital marketing and advanced analytics. These systems enable data-driven decisions, increasing the role and impact of the sales operations function.

Buyers are also changing. Abundant information makes buyers better informed. Enterprise sales often involves navigating complex procurement processes, which can pull a sales team away from strategic selling. Consumer have changed as well, expecting a seamless relationship with a brand or company across digital and physical, across channels and across product lines.

Thorium partners with sales leaders to shift use of data from backward-looking reports used by a few people to instead proactively growing sales results by intelligently optimizing how all people in a sales organization apply time and resources.

We partner with sales leaders to achieve results by translating data into insight and decisions:

Sales Leaders

  • Pipeline forecasts
  • Incentive compensation modelling
  • Quota modelling
  • Territory design

Sales Managers

  • Account prioritization
  • Salesperson activity effectiveness
  • Customer lifecycle value
  • Lead scoring
  • Churn/defection prediction


  • Cross sell
  • Up sell
  • Next best offer
  • Sales triggers
  • Client and prospect relationship mapping