Big Data Discovery


Analytics Investigation model

Revenue growth, margin expansion, operational effectiveness, and product innovation drive business results. Business leaders face an expanding range and velocity of information with which to make decisions. Thorium partners with clients to translate big and little data into business insights for practical results.

We seek to deeply understand industry context, competitive position, business processes, and organizational dynamics. This enables understanding business use cases, data usage patterns and identifying and quantifying commercial potential.

Applying data science starts with an evaluation of the data sets including their completeness, accuracy, and integration across functional areas. We will summarise data sets including visualising their characteristics, patterns of variance, and covariance and correlation. We aim to understand what the data can tell us. We achieve this by validating quality and checking assumptions, descriptive and inferential statistics, and forming and testing hypotheses.


We will help you decide what you intend to achieve; design the architecture, data flows, processes and technologies; and plan a delivery focused project. We bring experience designing enterprise architectures integrating Hadoop and related technologies (Spark, Storm, HBase) with relational databases used to drive business applications.

We will work across our global team to bring relevant experts onto the project across highly experienced PhD-level quantitative analysts with experience applying machine learning; expert Java, R, and C# developers; business intelligence developers certified in HP Vertica, Oracle and SQL Server databases; and designers who create simple and elegant visualization, dashboards, and workflow portals.


We apply rigorous program management to achieve alignment and results within complex organizations. Each of our team leaders brings senior management experience delivering large-scale applications within global companies. We collaborate with finance and product management teams to define detailed business cases, then bring business-focused execution to achieve sales, operational, and finance results