Analytics Overview

Business Results

We help clients apply data science to grow sales, expand margin, improve operations, and invent new products. We bring a business-led approach to analytics based on decades of experience delivering data-driven results in complex, global businesses.

Thorium seeks the business meaning in data, creating explanatory models that not only predict but show why an outcome is likely. We have applied our expertise in areas include forecasting demand, optimizing resource utilization, identifying fraud, product pricing, and optimizing allocation of marketing resources. We bring industry understanding to translate complex, non-linear relationships into simple business insights.

We create business applications that put predictive and causal models to work within business processes. We build analytic portals enabling rich, interactive visualization; workflow systems that embed data-driven optimization within business processes; and create analytic applications such as for customer insight, regulatory compliance, and risk management.


We engineer scalable, resilient, and agile architectures based on experience building and operating massively scaled systems for capital markets trading, digital marketing, and telecommunications. Frequently, we integrate Hadoop-including Spark and Storm-with analytic platforms, real time/in-memory logic such as for operations, and relational databases that drive people-facing visualization. Our team is deeply expert with Java, C#, and R as well as Oracle, SQL Server, and HP Vertica.


Thorium applies technology to realize business results. We collaborate with finance, product, and sales to develop rigorous business cases. We then bring sophisticated program management to align stakeholders in global businesses. Our team model is different: every leader has proven themselves in a senior management role in large organizations. This understanding enables us to execute through complexity and across boundaries to deliver business impact.


Business Intelligence: Workflow applications, portals, dashboards, and visualizations based on data warehouses that also provide a foundation for advanced analytics.
Sales Data Science: Optimizing effectiveness and results through data-driven decisions.
Explanatory & Predictive Analytics: Optimize processes by understanding the relationships within data.
Big Data Discovery: A structured approach to accelerate clients' initiatives to define and realize results from big and small data.
HP Vertica: Services for HP's big data platform, including applying Distributed R.